this man was once in charge of australia

he is in charge again

loving the support




this man was once in charge of australia

he is in charge again

loving the support

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Filipino activists kick off internationally coordinated protests vs Obama Asia trip

April 23 - On the day United States President Barack Obama is set to arrive in Japan on the first leg of his East Asia tour, activists under the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic Alliance) marched to the US embassy in Manila to denounce what they called the “US imperialist agenda in Asia”. The groups clashed with police who were guarding the US embassy. Police used a water cannon against the protesters.

“The US pivot to Asia combines military rebalancing and free trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. The US seeks to maintain its dominance in the region by violating the national sovereignty and plundering the economies of their  so-called ‘allies’. The people of Asia stand to gain nothing from the Obama visit and the US agenda he carries,” said Bayan secretary general Renato M. Reyes, Jr.

Bayan is coordinating with various anti-bases and anti-globalization groups in Japan, South Korea and the United States for a series of protests against the US pivot and the TPPA. Apart from the April 23 protest in Manila, anti-bases and anti-war groups in Japan such as the Asia-Wide Campaign are set to hold protests in time for the US-Japan Summit on April 24. Groups in South Korea are also expected to hold protests against US military bases in the Korean peninsula and the continued implementation of the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement and the promotion of the TPPA. Bayan-USA will join Japanese and Korean activists in the US for coordinated actions in the afternoon of April 25 in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and San Francisco. Filipino migrants are expected to hold protest actions on April 27.

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Twigs :)

Holden Caulfield is a fucking crybaby.


English, International Baccalaureate

The Use of Language to Create Pathos in The Catcher in the Rye

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I, for one, welcome our future Indian-Chinese lesbian cyborg president.


I, for one, welcome our future Indian-Chinese lesbian cyborg president.

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NYPD twitter campaign implodes, flooded with photos of police abuse

Just before 2 pm EDT, the New York City Police Department called via Twitter for photos of citizens with its officers. Almost immediately the campaign #myNYPD seemed to backfire, as users flooded the hashtag with photos decrying alleged police brutality.


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everyones obsessed w the bee movie but how come none of you talk about my FAVOURITE monstrosity 



this movie had a budget of 40 million dollars

took ten years to make

and flopped harder than anything you’ve ever seen

Delgo is notable for producing, at the time, the worst opening ever for a film playing in over 2,000 theaters, earning $511,920 at 2,160 sites. According to Yahoo! Movies, this averages to approximately 2 viewers per screening.


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another one!

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The majority of the oil wells live just an hour’s drive from the Fort Peck Reservation, and Adrian Spotted Bird Jr., the Fort Peck tribal injury prevention specialist, said crimes like disorderly conduct, driving under the influence and violent crimes—including homicide—have quadrupled in the Roosevelt County area since 2008. “Everybody knows everybody in this area, and [the oil fields are] bringing in a lot more people than we can handle,” Spotted Bird Jr. said.

In towns like Brockton, Montana (population 258), the only store is continually flooded with oil field workers. In the next few years, another 30,000 are expected to arrive.

The infrastructure in eastern Montana—roads, housing, sewers—is stretched perilously thin, and goods and services are getting scarce as well. With the flood of workers and oil money has also come an influx of undesirables. “The people who are coming in have no respect for womenfolk here,” Spotted Bird Jr. said. “They’re very rude, very belligerent. They have no qualms about walking up to our young girls and soliciting them, and they don’t care how old they are.”

Spotted Bird Jr. said the number of registered sex and violent offenders living in the area has risen sharply. Before the oil boom, locals could for the most part avoid convicted offenders because they knew who they were, but not anymore. Women and young people are now advised to travel in groups, even when running simple errands.

Spotted Bird Jr. cautions that problems related to the oil field explosion will only grow: “It’s not going to get any better; it’s going to get worse. We already have plenty of our own problems; it’s really going to devastate the community. It’s like the gold rush and Black Hills all over again.”

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get that shitty earth off my dashboard. what makes you think i wanna be on this garbage planet anyway. take me to saturn to hang out with its sexy rings

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what have the arryns ever done besides dying

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My blog is not a place for MRAs or MRA apologists

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